What is a leased line and how it works

What is a Leased Line and How it Works

Most People having Query About What is a Leased Line and How it Works? When you have a requirement of uninterrupted data usage you need to opt for a leased line connection. A leased line will give you a great upload and download speed and high uptime.

The word “Leased” is used because this internet connection is rented out by the Internet Service Provider directly to a business and hence it is beyond a broadband connection.

What is a Leased Line and How it Works

Some of the features that make us understand leased line better 

  1. This is a dedicated line and if you are taking the leased line the connection is dedicated for you
  2. This is used for connectivity between two or more sites
  3. It comes with a dedicated bandwidth
  4. As a customer, you can sign up for a service agreement with your internet service provider and measure their performance
  5. Flexible and scalable – When your business is expanding or being restructured, this is the best option for connectivity as it is highly scalable. There are no constraints about an increased number of users or devices. If the service plan is upgraded with your internet leased line provider, we will ensure the required infra is built and seamless connectivity is provided
  6. Topology is important – There are various network paths. It can be a single connection (Spur) wherein A end to B end is connected. There can be a ring topology where every node is connected to another and one line serves as a backup for the other. This ensures there is an automatic backup created for every path. If one path fiber is cut due to damage or the other, always the other one will continue to work. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity
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Top 7 Things to know about Leased Lines

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