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Temporary Internet for Events - Why Us?

Temporary event internet services are more popular among the corporates. When they host any events, this service comes to the rescue for their internet usage. Whether the events are happening indoor or outdoor. We provide temporary internet services in bandwidth circuit of 1 gigabyte less or more depending upon the requirement.

Get Started with iVelocity Temporary Internet for Events for your Business

If hotels and event convention venues don’t have enough bandwidth, we will get you temporary internet service. Many hotels, conference centers, and trade centers do not provide enough bandwidth for your live streaming, registration desk, multi-device WiFi, especially during peak hours. We can quickly install a temporary leased line internet at your meeting location. Since it’s an exclusively dedicated connection, there’s no sharing of your bandwidth with other hotel or convention guests. You can trust us on getting fast, reliable temporary internet service when you need it for your event.

Why Choose Us for the Temporary Internet for Events?

We have provided our services to many market leaders, our temporary internet services have been a hit among those who need personalized services. We are chosen by the market for our flexibility, transparency and relationship.

How Much Bandwidth is Required for Your Temporary Internet for Events?

    If you don’t have any idea about how much bandwidth is required for your event, then give us the following details:

    If you don’t have any idea about how much bandwidth is required for your event, then give us the following details:

    Are you going to do any live streaming, video conferencing, live surgery broadcasting, download of apps, internet for your attendee, cloud-based registration application, etc?

    Is this an indoor or outdoor event, big event, or small event or is this happening at any hotel?

    Being your Internet Service Provider, we will guide you on the Need, Type of Bandwidth, and speed required.

    We assure you that our temporary internet will be within your budget.

Internet for Events - iVelocity

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