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Business Broadband and Leased Line

Our Services

Our Services, We cater to all the data needs of Small & Medium business enterprises.
At Velocity, we provide the best Internet leased line connectivity as well as broadband services for commercial purposes.
We offer multiple redundancies for internet bandwidth to achieve 99.5% uptime for Internet Services. With our dedicated 24*7 NOC support facility we make it easy to connect to the things on a network you can count on.

Best Internet Service Provider - Our Services - iVelocity

For our internet We manage the core network along with the core Pops and have extended our network to the Velocity Internet Services Data Centre & the Velocity Internet Services Central Network Operations Centre (NOC).

In order to provide you an uninterrupted internet service connection, we analyze our client’s requirements before offering the optimum solution from our end. We provide fiber links from Velocity POP to the Your desired location. Along with this, we provide complete liaison facilities to the customer and assist them with quick installation and testing of the local loop.

We have a robust network infrastructure which can cater to various Govt offices, retail chains, IT Companies, educational institutions and universities, manufacturing, hospitals, hotels and so on.

We also offer Fiber optic broadband services to your workplace that offer a great internet speed. Reliable Internet service connection for your office space…

  • Ultra-speed Connection
  • Installation
  • Flexible Tariff Plans
  • Fast Support 24/7

    iVelocity - Our Services

    iVelocity – Enterprise Leased Line and Enterprise Broadband Connections from the Best Internet Service Provider


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    "Embrace Change, Drive Progress."

    "Embrace Change, Drive Progress."

    "Embrace Change, Drive Progress."

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