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Who better than us will understand SME’s ?

Out flat Org structure helps to give a personalized service to SME’s...That makes us Unique and the best internet Service Providing company

SLA Driven Service - 99.95% Uptime !
Uninterrupted Internet Connectivity

Pandemic....we don't Panic nor hide out ! Cyclone, Floods, Pandemic we have seen it all...

Business continuity is promised with realistic recovery time and continuous improvement helps us sustain...

Consistent Performance and Continuous Improvements...

Every Customer is a true Accomplishment for us...Not an Activity !!! We hand hold you throughout your journey...

Quick Installation and effective testing for your Internet connection...

Why we are the best in this field ?

This team is led by professionals. We understand the outcomes of the business and resolve your issues with utmost responsibility

24X7 NOC – Always ready to help...#Customerfirst

Why market leaders choose us for their business internet Requirements ?

We believe in a transparent service driven by technology...

We are truly frontiers in letting you see through our services and that make us a distinctive internet company

Why we are Pioneer Internet Service Provider ?

Our strength is our flexibility and agility which suits SME's into various markets...

Boutique service - We offer Tailor made services & flexible plans as per your business and home needs
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Best Internet Provider - About Us

iVelocity Best Internet Provider – Our Journey with fiber optics began in the year 2000 when we signed up with Dish net DSL for laying fibers and now we are the second-largest fiber optic provider in Tamil Nadu. As a leased line services and broadband internet service provider, we have consistently made progressive efforts to create a Network Infrastructure for the core and the aggregation. We have created a resilient IP network that augments the capacity to address your business connectivity needs.

Best Internet Service Provider -Radhakrishna Vittaldev
Best Internet Service Provider - Our Services - iVelocity

Best Internet Service Provider - Our Services - iVelocity

iVelocity, Best isp in Chennai, We cater to all the data needs of Small & Medium business enterprises.
At Velocity, we provide the best Internet leased line connectivity as well as broadband services for commercial purposes.
We offer multiple redundancies for internet bandwidth to achieve 99.5% uptime for Internet Services. With our dedicated 24*7 NOC support facility we make it easy to connect to the things on a network you can count on.


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ivelocity - Best Internet Service Provider
iVelocity Internet Service Provider

iVelocity – Enterprise Leased Line and Enterprise Broadband Connections from the Best Internet Service Provider – Best ISP in Chennai…


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